Silicon Valley Couple seeks an eager, responsible personal assistant. Duties include answering phones, drafting itineraries, booking travel, and aiding in the general day to day function of the family home office. This is a great opportunity to learn personal aspects of a top executive’s world. The candidate must be willing to occasionally work nights and weekends, if necessary, and have reliable transportation.

Clerical Duties

The personal assistant is expected to perform clerical duties such as filing, answering both the phone and emails, arranging meetings, and setting up itineraries for the traveling employer, or those coming to visit the employer.

Administrative Duties

The personal assistant may be asked to schedule numerous tasks and work other staff members and may also be responsible for duties such as meeting with vendors, scheduling maintenance, ordering supplies, keeping an inventory of household goods, scheduling philanthropic events, and party planning.


The Personal assistant is expected to use a wide array of office equipment, such as computers, fax machines and copiers. A personal assistant may also need to set phone conferences. The personal assistant may also be asked to work with email and accounting software such as Quicken and Quickbooks.

Work Environment

The personal assistant may have to work with other assistants, as well as his employer and representatives from other companies. The personal assistant needs to be able to communicate well and be able to efficiently schedule both their time and their employer’s time.

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